Serious AM soothing cough syrup

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Serious AM Cough Soothing Syrup 4 oz

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Serious AM Cough Soothing Syrup 4 oz

Wet cough, dry cough, spasmodic cough of unknown origin? Whichever it is, Serious AM Cough Syrup is here to tame your bark!

Our delicious combination of respiratory herbs will open up the chest, soothe the bronchioles, relax the cough reflex, and evict the excess phlegm you never invited to the party.

In addition to the seriously soothing aspects of this great tasting cough syrup, this powerhouse combination of herbs goes to work behind the scenes to normalize mucus production, support a healthy inflammatory response in the throat and upper respiratory, and nourish exhausted, overworked tissues so you can get back to singing at the top of your lungs in the shower!

For a good night’s rest, be sure to check out our Serious PM Cough Soothing Syrup! For a cough remedy for children, try Kick-It Cough For Kids.

  • For use in the mornings.*
  • Soothes bronchiole irritation.*
  • Calms the cough reflex.*
  • Normalizes mucus production.*
  • Great tasting cough syrup.*
  • Gluten-free.*