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Tendril 90 Day Health Transformation Group, Next Cohort Begins October 17, 2023

Price :


What If You Could Permanently Rewire Your Relationship With Food – And In Turn Your Body – In Just a few weeks? Beginning October 17th you could be joining a powerful health transformation journey guaranteed to permanently change how you feel and look. This journey is called the Tendril Total Health Transformation.

If you experience:

Fatigue                              Difficulty Sleeping
Headaches                        Insulin Resistance 
Bloating                            High Blood Pressure
Digestive Issues                Systemic Inflammation
Brain Fog                          Joint Pain
Arthritis                             Short Attention Span

Then this is what you have been looking for!

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Additional information

Total Health Transformation Group

90 Day Program

Realize Health Freedom

There is a deeper vision, a greater impact we seek to have on this town that is far beyond running people through some weight loss program. We are health activists, and in a world where food and diet-related illnesses are the number one cause of illness and death, and 2 of 3 people are overweight, obese, and/or suffering from metabolic disorders, we need to make a real stand, a lasting change. That comes by creating a culture (and a community around that culture) of health, wellness, and Health Empowerment.
Our solution is a return to tradition, our gimmick is that we are gathering a group of people who are interested in living a healthy life, and part of that “healthy life” means we need a tribe–this is our tribe. We are creating a movement here in Sandpoint.
  • Community Culture: Develop a support network that will last for years to come. Imagine being a part of a community that comes together to transform their bodies through group coaching, exploration, and exercise while sharing delicious healthy food at potlucks, celebrations and more. You no longer have to do this on your own. You no longer have to worry about failure. We create an entire social atmosphere around this group where people “belong” to our community of healthy people.
  • Membership: Any time you feel like you are slipping, just jump back into the program no matter where we are in the process. Even better, just keep coming, be a part of it, lead groups, participate, nobody to judge, only support. No matter where you are in your process just show up and find the support you need.
  • Live Longer: Shift your metabolism and reduce health risks associated with cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders (cause of death for 1 in 3 Americans), re-claim your life, your health, your need for community.

This journey is called the Tendril Total Health Transformation, and is like no program you have ever seen before.

Have you tried diets in the past? Have they failed you?

Our program will be the turning point in your life story for one powerful reason–-Our process is all about Becoming the healthy version of YOU, a complete transformation of your relationship with food, coping mechanisms, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, and yourself…all within a supportive community setting.

We combine cutting edge evolutionary psychology, expert coaching, personal trainers, and nutritional anthropology to help you rewire your brain and release unhealthy patterns.

Furthermore, we integrate social psychology, transformational group dynamics, and the power of community to help people make the change STICK.

Let’s be honest, diets are not the problem. The problem is maintaining those changes over time–and this is where we really shine!

By the end of our program you will be making healthy choices effortlessly, not because you know you should, but because you want to.

AND you will have continuing access to the program, and the community that has grown from it.

This means that you will always be able to come back and join in with a group for support, no matter how much time has gone by.

Furthermore, we are organizing spinning, walking, hiking, running, and swimming groups. When you join this program you become a member of a tribe of local people who are seeking to live a healthy, active, and vibrant life, and we are dedicated to supporting each other in this mission through community involvement.

Program Includes:
13 group coaching sessions (13-week series)–$1,000 value
12 personalized/group fitness training sessions with our personal trainers with a customized fitness plan (1/week)–$350 value
3 month membership at Natural Fitness–$165 value
3 Month Membership at Tendril including 3 sessions of your choice** plus membership pricing on all other services–$297 value
Delicious recipes and weekly done-for-you menus including shopping lists–$75 value
Exclusive discounts on sessions with our Personal Trainer,  Medical Massage Therapist, Functional Medicine Herbalist and Coach

Total Value: $1,887                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Your Price: $1199 (payment plans available)

What will this do for you?

In short, this will completely change your life. Never has a program addressed as many aspects, including the social parts, of health that we are taking into account.

Amplify Your Energy
Improve Your Health & Wellness
Strengthen Your Immunity
Enjoy Deeper Sleep
Upgrade Your Eating Habits
Achieve Your Ideal Weight
Regain Your Youthfulness
Lengthen Your Lifespan
Increase libido
Remove Inflammation
Become illness-proof
Become Health-Empowered
Increase your strength
Reduce risk of osteopenia and sarcopenia
Increase bone density and muscle mass
Achieve Health Freedom

Become The Healthiest Version Of YOU!!!

Downfalls of normal health programs and our answers:
  • Geared only for weight loss, so everyone who comes has a “problem” of sorts that they are incapable of managing on their own
    • This program is for anyone who wants to live a healthier life, who wants a community that supports health, who wants to optimize their experience body, mind, spirit
  • People feel like a failure with these programs because we can do them for a short time, but eventually the pressures of life catch back up with us. Hard to “own” that to a group, to ourselves–it is hard to come back  to the group and be perceived as a failure
    • Part of the issue is that we don’t have support networks. This is a lifelong journey and we are providing the tools and support for years to come. Lifestyle shifts are difficult because to make them stick we must also shift our identities, and too often we succumb to the pressures of our environment. This is why we design the program with an on-going component, so that people continue with their process and are able to lean into the inertia of our community for support, encouragement and inspiration.
  • Isolation, leads to temporary success and long-term failure. Lifestyle changes are so difficult
    • Addressed by the above
  • Rely heavily on will power, which is a limited resource and destined to run out
    • Again, the program is an entrance into a new way of being, the way we know we should be living. Now people can, and we are doing it together.
  • When people “fall” off the wagon, the fall is so far and the push to climb back on is so hard, the obstacles (emotional, psychological, monetary, time constraints, whatever) are too great.
    • Resolved by properly framing the process, the journey, and providing support while reducing the height of those barriers.
  • Often times people’s ability to participate and their ability to maintain changes are heavily influenced by career/work environment.
    • This is where our corporate outreach and Employee Health Initiative programs come into play. Recommend us to your HR department and we will work with them to create an atmosphere of health and vibrancy in your workplace!